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Jason Chesebrough is a creative that lives in the woods with the Cupcake Queen, the Princess and the Dragon slayer, plus all the fuzzy little creatures. He drives to the city daily to do the Creative Director thing, then returns to the lake.

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    Process vs. Method

    Chances are, you’ve made a pot of coffee.  
    Filter, grounds, water, start.
    But when you pull back and actually examine the steps it takes to make a pot of coffee - you can get a little bit blown out of your mind.

    The steps, the actions, the extension of arm, the twist of wrist, the grasp of scoop… It’s a neat exercise; jotting down notes as if to give a machine - for the simple act of brewing a lovely pot of caffeine a little too early in the morning.

    So - I’m sort of doing that now.

    I’ve been talking UX for years, and in one circle there was no issue, but in my new life I’m finding a lot of blank stares or “I think I kinda get what you sort of mean”… and I’ve begun writing a series of presentations, lists, notes and articles that explain it in varying levels of complexity, as it pertains to the grand scheme or a particular project.

    I should actually post some of those, because I’m thinking they could help others in a similar context.

    This said, I’m trying to begin one with a brilliant revelation on what UX is, and what it isn’t - and it’s dawned on me that I may actually despise the word “process”.  

    Am I a robot?

    So I hit the thesaurus and then my own brain, looking for alternatives - and it dawns on me that method is a better term.

    But examining the two in tandem, one seems to be a series of actions towards an end (process); cold, heartless, robotic - the other, method, is more planning then action - a combination of knowledge and behaviour.  

    Process is paint by numbers, method is composition.

    Random thought at 4:20 in the morning.


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