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Jason Chesebrough is a creative that lives in the woods with the Cupcake Queen, the Princess and the Dragon slayer, plus all the fuzzy little creatures. He drives to the city daily to do the Creative Director thing, then returns to the lake.

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    Just about 1/2 way through this winter rug - Next year ima double the grow time… Maybe get it going before duck season too. #saveMoneyOnFacePaint

    Ain’t no thang with Momma Nature. This cat’s a groovin’

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! (at Espanola)

    Good morning 2013. That was one helluva year. Am too damn excited for 2014 - you have hella damn amazing written all over you. #feelingBlessed (at Espanola)

    I make things.

    Recently I was commissioned to create a Holiday card that needed to be stock-free.  After playing with a couple of approaches, I went outside instead.

    Check out the whole story here: Fun with Holiday Cards.

    Merry Christmas!

    @campbell_sheri is making the house warm.

    What an awful commute this morning. Cough.

    "I have learned that to be with those I like is enough."
    Walt Whitman (at The Woods)

    True story. (at La Société de Cigare de Québec)

    Always neat to see your stuff online.


    Happy Sequential Date Day

    From the woods to the city - to do the same stuff I was doing in the woods…. Wait a second.

    So hot damn. The Huffington Post put our work up. My design; Jay Kings strategy. Good call!





    Gil Elvgren

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